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Great Australian Rail Journeys - Alice Springs, Northern Territory

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A transcontinental rail adventure offering unsurpassed views of Australia


Travellers are blessed with choice as Australia offers the well-seasoned globetrotter some of the most spectacular rail experiences in the world: Journeys aboard legendary trains such as “The Ghan”, “Indian Pacific”, “The Overland” or “The Southern Spirit” are the pinnacle of every trip around the great Southern land!

An Australian rail journey allows you to explore the continent from coast to coast, from major cities to the vast expanse of the Outback and everywhere in between – Welcome aboard!

The Ghan

The Journey – An overview

This transcontinental adventure offers an unsurpassed view of Australia – From North to South and over three unforgettable days.

Travel by rail between Adelaide, Alice Springs and Darwin and you will be embarking on one of the great rail journeys of the world. Named after the Afghan cameleers who once traversed this route when the first explorers started opening up inland Australia, The Ghan will take you from the far South coast to the tropical North, through the very heart of the continent.

A journey on The Ghan is an incomparable way to travel to the two big jewels of Australia's Northern Territory – the “Red Centre” and the tropical “Top End”. No journey aboard The Ghan is complete without taking in both of these must-see destinations.

The Ghan's timetable makes the most of the daylight hours to offer travellers unsurpassed views of the passing landscapes. From the sweeping Adelaide Plains unfolding before your eyes to the majestic and ancient Flinders Ranges, this first stage of the journey offers a perspective on South Australia you simply can not afford to miss.

Each new day begins with a fresh panorama of ever changing landscapes. Red earth and cobalt blue skies – the true essence of Central Australia takes on a character of its own with every passing hour.

Leave the train in Alice Springs to tour locations close to Australia’s heart with Whistle Stop and Optional Tours. These tours, which last from a few hours to a few days, include an extraordinary range of opportunities for discovering the region’s most fascinating sites [Whistle Stop tours are to be booked onboard the train].

Entering the Top End, the landscape mellows with subtropical flora staking its claim over the passing scenery. Whistle Stop Tours in the northern town of Katherine offer guests the opportunity to experience the inspiring wonders of Nitmiluk [Katherine Gorge] before your transcontinental train expedition concludes in tropical Darwin, the relaxed capital city of the Northern Territory.

The Ghan - Journey overview
Route Adelaide – Alice Springs – Darwin or vice versa
Duration 2 nights in each direction
Distance 2,979 kilometres

Timetable The Ghan
Timetables valid for travel from 01 April 2012 to 31 March 2013. Other sector timetables are available on request, please enquire with MyAussieHoliday.

Adelaide – Alice Springs – Darwin

Sun # Wed @
Depart Adelaide 12.20 PM 12.20 PM

Mon Thu
Arrive Alice Springs * 13.45 PM 13.45 PM
Depart Alice Springs 18.00 PM 18.00 PM

Tue Fri
Arrive Katherine * 09.00 AM 09.00 AM
Depart Katherine 13.00 PM 13.00 PM

Arrive Darwin 17.30 PM 18.30 PM

* Whistle Stop touring options available see information on these optional tours

# = Operates all year
@ = Operates 06 June to 29 August 2012

Darwin - Alice Springs - Adelaide

Wed # Sat @
Depart Darwin 10.00 AM 09.00 AM
Arrive Katherine * 13.40 PM 12.40 PM
Depart Katherine 18.20 PM 16.45 PM

Thu Sun
Arrive Alice Springs * 09.10 AM 11.15 AM
Depart Alice Springs 12.45 PM 15.15 PM

Fri Mon
Arrive Adelaide 12.30 PM 12.30 PM

* Whistle Stop touring options available see information on these optional tours

# = Operates all year
@ = Operates 06 June to 01 September 2012

• Please be advised that these are standard operating timetables, however scheduled services are subject to change at any time and at the sole discretion of the train operator
• All times are local time and may be subject to change
• Guests must be at the terminal at least one hour prior to the scheduled departure time

The story behind The Ghan

The inspiration for The Ghan stems from the pioneering Afghan cameleers who, over 150 years ago, blazed a permanent iron trail into the Red Centre of Australia. Its original name however was Afghan Express. The Ghan’s emblem is – very fittingly and in recognition of the incredible contribution these hard working men made – an Afghan on a camel. Only with their efforts was it possible to open up the inhospitable, vast and hostile interior of the continent. The original, now defunct Ghan train line followed the route of famous explorer John MacDouall Stuart. The Old Ghan railway ran on light, narrow gauge track well to the east of today’s tracks.

On Sunday 4 August 1929, an exuberant and thrilled crowd gathered at the Adelaide Railway Station to see Australian rail history unfold; hundreds of good citizens of Adelaide came to farewell the first ever Ghan train! This very train carried lots of supplies, goods and over 100 passengers bound for the remote town of Stuart which later on was to become Alice Springs. Two days later and after an arduous, but successful journey, the train master’s whistle pierced the silence of the McDonnell Ranges that surround Alice Springs.

For 35 years, the train was steam hauled, and the service had to contend with extreme weather conditions that could include devastating flash floods, freezing cold and intense summer heat. As well as fire and flood damage, it was regularly savaged by termites. Flash flooding, when the normally parched river beds in the middle of the desert spilled out onto the low lying desert plains, frequently washed away entire sections of the track. Not surprisingly, climatic conditions were often to be blamed for rather frequent service disruptions.

On 26 June 1954, conveniently timed to coincide with a visit of the then Prime Minister, Mr Menzies, the first diesel-driven Ghan service pulled into Alice Springs. The dieselisation of the Central Australian Railway led to an almost immediate reduction of 60% of operating costs over steam – the steam era of The Ghan had well and truly come to an end!

In 1980, The Old Ghan rail track was abandoned and instead, a new standard gauge rail line was built. Termite proof concrete sleepers replaced the wooden sleepers on the old track, and the new route was also laid in less flood-prone areas of the South Australian and Northern Territory deserts.

When The Ghan first departed Adelaide in 1929, it had already been intended that one day, the service to Alice Springs would be extended all the way through to Darwin on the shores of the Timor Sea. With its final completion achieved in 2004, the overland rail-link between Adelaide and Darwin became a reality. From 1 to 3 February 2004, The Ghan made its inaugural North-South transcontinental journey. The epic, almost 3,000 km journey traverses some of the most
spectacular and diverse landscapes the country has to show off: From endless horizons in the South Australian Outback to the rusty red of the McDonnell Ranges surrounding Alice Springs to the dense tropical vegetation in and around Katherine and the tropical splendour of Darwin – The Ghan covers it all and makes this one of the greatest rail experiences in the world!

The Journey – The facts – The Ghan

Departing from Adelaide, Alice Springs and Darwin
Arriving at Darwin, Alice Springs and Adelaide

Length of journey 54 hours [two nights and three days]

Distance 2,969 km

Average speed of train 85 km/hour [maximum speed is 115km/hour]

Train’s symbol A Camel and its handler – In recognition of the pioneering Afghan cameleers that helped opening up inland Australia and building the railway line between Adelaide and Alice Springs.

Total number of carriages 16 [single train] and 26 [double train] plus 2 locomotives and motorail

Average length of train 471 metres [single train] and 710 metres [double train] includes 2 locomotives and motorail

Average weight of train 847 tonnes [single train] and 1,344 tonnes [double train]; excluding locomotives

[Single consist is the minimum trains size. Most The Ghan services operate as doubles].

Whistle Stop Tours – Available for guests travelling on The Ghan
The below is a selection of tours available; others may be on offer. These tours are not included in your rail fare - extra costs apply; these tours must be booked onboard the train; payment directly and on the train.

Do you want to see more of Australia along the way? Just whistle and we’ll take you there! There is nothing quite like the magic and romance of a relaxing train holiday – Isn’t that why you have booked a trip on The Ghan? So, when you pass through such amazing destinations, it is only logical that you want to explore and discover a little more of the local attractions. Which is exactly why these “Whistle Stop” Tours are such a great opportunity! They have been specially designed to fit in with the train’s timetable so even if you only have a short time off the train, you will still have the opportunity to take in some of the area’s best sights.

To book a Whistle Stop Tour in Alice Springs, Katherine or Darwin, simply book and pay for your tour with the bar staff or your Hospitality Attendant onboard the train. Child Fares are valid for children aged 3-15 years inclusive.

Essential Alice Springs Town Tour
This tour enables you to see up to five of Alice Springs’ best highlights in the time you have available. You’ll travel to and from town by luxury coach and hear a brief history on Alice Springs before enjoying guided tours and entry to all the major attractions. The Royal Flying Doctor Service, National Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame and Telegraph Station will give you a unique insight into life in outback Australia. The Reptile Centre is a great way to experience some of the local wildlife and the views from Anzac Hill make for a wonderful photo opportunity.

Tour details Essential Alice Springs Town Tour
Prices Adult AUD $64, Child AUD $46
[Sundays includes lunch – Adult AUD $84, Child AUD $66]
Duration Approximately 3 ½ hrs, including transfers
Fitness Level Short walks are required between attractions and a 200 metre walk is required to enter the Alice Springs Telegraph Station and complete the guided tour.
Good to know Wear a hat and sunscreen, bring along a water bottle and drink plenty

Alice Springs Desert Park
The Desert Park lets you experience and feel these wonderful deserts first hand. Join an experienced guide on this journey of discovery. Take the time to stroll through a desert river and see and hear the bird life searching for water. Walk beside a dune in the red sand country, past a salt lake and feel the vastness of this country. Experience the cooler desert nights in the Nocturnal House watching some of the more difficult to see animals scurry amongst the desert plants. Stroll between the ironwoods and grasses in the Woodland.

Tour details Alice Springs Desert Park
Prices Adult AUD $62, Child AUD $42
Duration Approximately 3 ½ hrs, including transfers
Fitness Level Short walks are required at the Desert Park. If you require mobility assistance, you can hire a personal scooter for a small fee
Good to know Wear a hat and sunscreen; bring along a water bottle and drink plenty

Alice Springs Helicopters Simpsons Gap Flight
In days gone by, explorers had to trek across the hot desert on foot. But these days there’s no need to walk in the heat when you can explore the Outback in a cool, comfortable helicopter! This is certainly an easy and spectacular way to see some of the best sites the Outback has to offer including the rugged Simpson’s Gap, the steep, ochre-coloured Mt. Gillen Ridgeline, the crystal clear water holes and the Larapinta Trail. It’s only from the air that you’ll experience the sheer magnitude of this ancient and timeless land and absorb the spirit of the Outback as your pilot reveals its mystery with a detailed commentary.

Tour details Alice Springs Helicopters Simpsons Gap Flight
Prices Adult AUD $195
Tour duration 2 hours including, transfers to The Ghan. A drop off in town or at the Todd Mall may be available if time permits
Flight duration Approximately 25 minutes
Fitness Level Must be able to board the helicopter with minimal assistance

Guest advice Air-conditioned flight lounge and complimentary refreshments available.
Note Weight limits do apply

Old Ghan Tour
Learn about the history of rail on this tour to the Old Ghan Museum and Heritage Railway together with the National Road Transport Hall of Fame. You will enjoy a guided tour of the history of the legendary Old Ghan Train. The collection includes an operational heritage railway whilst the Museum itself houses a great collection of photographs and memorabilia, from construction in the mid 1920’s to when the narrow gauge closed in the early 1980’s. Explore at leisure the National Road Transport Hall of Fame where vehicles are props to the trials and tribulations of road transport pioneers.

Tour details Old Ghan Tour
Prices Adult AUD $59
Duration Approximately 3 ½ hrs, including transfers
Fitness Level A low level of fitness is required
Good to know Wear a hat and sunscreen; bring along a water bottle and drink plenty

Katherine Town and Gorge Air Spectacular
Only from the air will you truly understand and appreciate the sheer size and power of the Top End. On this ultimate air tour you will fly from the Railway Station out over the Katherine Township. From your vantage point above the town, you will have a completely unique view of the area and will start to realise what it is to be in a remote town in the Territory, and what it must have been like for the first white settlers to this area – nothing but a vast and harsh terrain spreading for miles. From town, the tour takes you out to Nitmiluk National Park, where the beauty and size of the Nitmiluk Gorge river system unfolds below you. You will fly the length of the river and see all 13 of the amazing gorges each with their own characteristics and amazing natural features – something that is not possible by land or by water. After this flight you will begin to understand the significance of the Gorge to the local Jawoyn people which represents their food, water and life source in this harsh country. Landing at the Gorge you will have time to explore the Nitmiluk Visitors Centre before a 4WD transfer back to the Railway Station – driving back through the country you just flew over offering a different perspective on it all!

Tour details Katherine Town and Gorge Air Spectacular
Prices Adult AUD $380
Duration Approximately 3 ½ hrs, including transfers [flight duration approximately 30 to 35 minutes]
Fitness Level Must be able to climb aboard a helicopter with minimal assistance
Good to know Wear a hat and sunscreen; bring along a water bottle and drink plenty
Note Weight limits do apply. The tour may also be done in reverse; depending on numbers booked

Gorge Boat Cruise
Discover the beauty of Nitmiluk Gorge from the comfort of your cruise boat. Sit back, relax and take in the views that are sure to take your breath away. As you drift past the magnificent sandstone cliss that have been thousands of years in the making, keep an eye out for a variety of wildlife that calls the gorge home. Make sure you bring your camera too, because you’ll want to remember the spectacular views forever. Savour the feeling of being in this magical and ancient place, giving you many special memories that will last a lifetime.

Tour details Gorge Boat Cruise
Prices Adult AUD $85, Child AUD $61, including cordial drink and ice cream
Duration Approximately 3 hrs, including transfers
Fitness Level Reasonable mobility required as some walking, approximately 700 metres, over rocky terrain is required
Good to know Wear comfortable clothing, fully enclosed footwear [no heels]. Wear a hat and sunscreen, bring along a water bottle and drink plenty
Note Wet season may cause limitations to the duration of the boat cruise due to river and weather conditions or the normal cruise may be substituted for the powerboat operation

Transfer by Air to Darwin City
Board your waiting helicopter at the Darwin Rail Terminal and take to the air to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the stunning Darwin Harbour and surrounds. Your pilot will provide informative commentary and point out the features along the way. This is only a short trip but what a way to start your time in Darwin. The helicopter arrives at Skycity Hotel Darwin.

Tour details Transfer by Air to Darwin City
Prices Adult AUD $170
Duration Approximately 15 minutes
Fitness Level Must be able to climb aboard a helicopter with minimal assistance
Note Weight limits do apply. The helicopter arrival point may change at short notice; passengers will be notified prior to arrival into Darwin Station

Terms and Conditions for Whistle Stop Tours
The content of “Whistle Stop Tours” is subject to change without notice. All arrangements are subject to cancellation or modification due to inclement weather, late running of the train or other unforeseen circumstances. Fares are quoted in Australian dollars and include GST. All fares are subject to change without notice. The operator of The Ghan [Great Southern Rail] does not own, operate or control “Whistle Stop Tours”. To the extent permitted by law, the operator of The Ghan is not responsible for any injury, death, loss, accident, delay or irregularity whatsoever or expenses incurred resulting from a third party supplier’s acts or omissions. The travel services provided by these suppliers are subject to the conditions imposed by the suppliers and their liability may be limited by their tariffs, conditions of carriage, and agreements.

Service levels
When travelling aboard The Ghan rail service, you are spoiled with the following choice of cabin types:

Platinum Service Sleeper Cabin

Platinum Service provides you with a luxury level of train travel – this will be an Australian train experience like no other! Platinum Cabins are approximately twice the size of the Gold Twin Cabins, with each cabin offering deluxe accommodation including double beds, spacious ensuite and 24 hour room service. Platinum Cabins have all the modern comforts, combined with classic, distinctly Australian style and character. This service has been designed to meet the needs of the discerning globetrotter and traveller who is looking for that extra level of comfort which will truly be the ultimate way to travel in style through the heart of Australia.

Enjoy your spacious private cabin, complete with plush, high quality fittings and en suite; elegant dining in the Queen Adelaide Restaurant Car; along with flourishes of service, attention and indulgence that turn a holiday into a life-enhancing experience. Once onboard, you will set your own pace: Start with a continental breakfast served in the privacy of your cabin, then spend a lazy day with a good book as the landscape rolls by, or maybe meet, greet and swap stories with fellow travellers in the Outback Explorer Lounge. The utter convenience of on-call Cabin Steward Service and in-cabin menu makes this new service level a five-star travel experience.

There is no better way to immerse yourself in the timeless and captivating beauty of the Great Southern Land than through the window of your private luxury cabin. From the rolling plains of the South, through the stark beauty of the Red Centre and the tropical delights of the Top End, from the sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean to the shores of the Pacific, from world-class cities such as Sydney or Melbourne to the laid back country towns in between – You will love having the time and space to absorb some of the most breathtaking scenery Australia has to offer.

Platinum Service features include
• An exclusive service, limited to an intentionally small number of cabins on each train
• Your cabin is a private lounge during the day with a movable table and two ottomans, offering plenty of room to entertain or simply relax and enjoy your journey
• By night, your luxury cabin converts to your choice of comfortable double or twin beds with quality bedding
• All en suites are equipped with premium fittings, full size shower, vanity with cupboard space, mirror and toilet facilities
• An oversized panoramic window in your cabin offers you a unique perspective on the ever-changing Australian landscape
• Enjoy views from both sides of the train, as each cabin features an additional interior window
• Set the tone, dim the lights to your personal preference and settle in for the night with in-cabin entertainment
• For your convenience and peace of mind each cabin offers a lockable door and in-cabin safe
• Welcome drink and appetiser on arrival in your cabin
• Cabin Steward service to cater to your needs
• Complimentary nightcap and turndown service provided nightly
• Binoculars and in-cabin entertainment [available on request]
• Enjoy tea or coffee delivered to your cabin each morning
• Complimentary morning or afternoon tea in your cabin
• Optional in-cabin continental breakfast or full breakfast in the Queen Adelaide Restaurant Car

Gold Service Sleeper Cabin

Gold Service is ideal for discerning guests who seek a great train adventure, but they also want to enjoy it in style and comfort. Guests choose from twin or single sleeper cabins. Complimentary toiletries and bath towels are provided in all Gold Sleeper Cabins. Guests dine in an elegant Restaurant Car. All meals are included in the Gold Service fare. Relax in the Lounge or socialise with new found friends. Travelling in a world famous trains with views across the vast Australian outback is a truly unforgettable experience.

During the day, these compact twin-berth sleeper cabins offer a comfortable three seater lounge. At night, they convert to an upper and lower sleeping berth at night. Your rail expedition will be made even more comfortable with service from the onboard hospitality steward, including fresh sheets, bath towels, pillows, doonas and complimentary toiletries. Twin-berth sleeper cabins have private ensuite facilities with a hide-away compact toilet, wash basin and shower.

Single berth sleeper cabins feature a comfortable lounge chair and foot rest by day and a single level comfortable bed comes night time. Single cabins are fitted with a wash basin; showers and toilets are located at either end of the Gold Service carriage.

Gold Service features include
• Compact sleeper accommodation
• Stylish Restaurant Car dining; featuring freshly prepared, delicious meals and waiter service [quality wines and other beverages available for purchase]
• Lounge Car for relaxation and refreshments
• Welcome reception with complimentary glass of bubbly, wine, beer or soft drink
• Cabin Steward service throughout your journey
• In-cabin music and detailed journey commentary available from your cabin sound system
• Complimentary toiletries kit
• Free ‘Platform’ magazine
• Complimentary tea and coffee available during your journey

Red Service Sleeper Cabin or Daynighter Seat

Red Service is a quality travel option for those who are seeking budget train experience. Choose between a twin share Sleeper Cabin or a reclining Daynighter Seat. For affordable comfort, the air-conditioned twin share Red Service Sleeper Cabins have two facing lounge chairs which easily convert to snug upper and lower sleeping berths at night. Your twin berth sleeper has a wash basin, while showers and toilets are located at the end of each carriage. Guests can purchase affordable light meals, snacks and drinks from the Red Service Diner and Buffet. There is also a Lounge Car where Red Service passengers can relax [included in Sleeper Cabin; surcharge payable onboard the train for those travelling in a Daynighter Seat]. Because Red Service Sleeper Cabins are twin share, you may be required to share with a fellow traveller if you are travelling alone.

Red Service Sleeper Cabin features include
• Compact twin share day berth converting to twin sleeping berths at night
• Seating comprises two facing lounge chairs
• Wash basin facilities in your cabin, with toilets and showers at the end of each carriage
• Access to the Red Service “Matilda Café”, offering meals, snacks, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks for purchase
• Complimentary access to “Red Gum Lounge” for guests travelling in Red Service Sleeper Cabins [surcharge applies for travellers in Daynighter Seats]
• Free 'Platform' magazine

Queen Adelaide Restaurant Car
Platinum and Gold Service guests dine in the classically styled “Queen Adelaide Restaurant Car” and enjoy mouth-watering dishes that the chefs prepare on board. Fresh, local ingredients and a balanced menu is their top priority. Each meal offers a choice of carefully prepared fine food and seasonal dishes can include Australian delicacies such as saltwater barramundi and grilled kangaroo fillet.

Gold Service fare includes hearty breakfasts*, two course lunches and three course dinners. Vegetarian, children’s and limited special dietary meals are available when you make your booking; please advise MyAussieHoliday of any special dietary requirements at the time of booking.

* Please note that breakfast packs will be delivered to cabins on some Indian Pacific services to cater for early morning destination arrivals and Whistle Stop Tour requirements. Your train crew will advise you should this be the case on your journey aboard the Indian Pacific.

The Outback Explorer Lounge
A short stroll from your sleeper carriage is club-like Outback Explorer Lounge. It often is the ‘social hub’ and centre of activity on the journey, the Outback Explorer Lounge is perfect for socialising with your fellow travellers from around the globe, relaxing, reading or just enjoying the picturesque scenery as you travel across this vast and stunningly beautiful continent.

Red Gum Lounge
Guests travelling in Red Service will enjoy more space to relax, socialise and move around whilst on their journey. The Red Gum Lounge is fitted with comfortable lounge chairs and booth seating and provides the perfect place to really enjoy your journey, catch up with your travel companions and meet new friends, or spend a relaxing time reading a good book.

Access to the Red Gum Lounge is included in the ticket price for Red Sleeper guests, while those travelling in Red Service Day/Nighter Seats will pay a daily fee of AUD 10 to AUD 15 to use the facility [payable on board the train].

Matilda Café
If you are travelling in Red Service, you have access to the “Matilda Café”. The casual café-style environment is a great place to take in the ever-changing view from panoramic windows, or perhaps enjoy a cool drink while socialising with friends, new or old. The Café offers affordable and tasty light meals, snacks and drinks for purchase.

Due to cabin space constraints, it is recommended that guests take only an overnight bag containing all requirements for their journey in their cabin and check in excess luggage. Guests are permitted to check-in a maximum of 40 kg of luggage free of charge [two items not exceeding 20 kg per piece]. Please note that checked in luggage can not be accessed during your journey.

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Fine print

Prices are inclusive of applicable taxes. Australia's overland rail services can often be booked out long before the intended departure as there are only limited berth and seat numbers available on each departure. MyAussieHoliday recommends you book your Great Australian Rail Journey as early as possible. For credit card payments, a surcharge of 2% on the total package cost applies to all bookings.


Every holiday package can be customised to form your perfect holiday! We are made up of hundreds of package options, tours, small ship cruising, rail journeys and much, much more. If there is a particular activity or attraction that isn’t offered in this package that you’d like to add to, we’ll be able to arrange that for you – simply contact us with any special request you might have on our Contact Us page here.

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$ 362

(per person)


• Prices per person in AUD $ and include applicable fuel surcharges
• Prices include luxury accommodation, all meals, welcome drinks and much more for guests travelling in Premium Service
• Prices include accommodation and all meals for guests travelling in Gold Service
• Prices include accommodation only for guests travelling in Red Sleeper Service. Meals can be bought onboard.
• Prices include passage in comfortable reclining seat only for guests travelling in Red Daynighter Seat Service. Meals can be bought onboard.
• •Return fares are generally double the one-way fare
• Other sector fares available on request; please enquire with MyAussieHoliday

Accommodation Options

The Ghan - Alic Springs / Adelaide
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The Ghan - Alic Springs / Adelaide
Red Service Sleeper Cabin Available on The Ghan and Indian Pacific Red Service is a quality travel option for those who are seeking budget train experience. For affordable comfort, the air-conditioned twin share Red Service Sleeper Cabins...

The Ghan - Alic Springs / Adelaide
Gold Service Sleeper Cabin Available on The Ghan, Indian Pacific and The Southern Spirit Gold Service is ideal for discerning guests who seek a great train adventure, but they also want to enjoy it in style and comfort. Guests choose from...

The Ghan - Alic Springs / Adelaide
Platinum Service Sleeper Cabin Available on The Ghan, Indian Pacific and The Southern Spirit Platinum Service provides you with a luxury level of train travel – this will be an Australian train experience like no other! Platinum Cabins are...

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